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Shandong Rui Liang 5HRH-35 mixed product demonstrations held smoothly Texas

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In mid-November, from Shandong Rui Liang Drying Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
In mid-November, from Shandong Rui Liang Drying Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and Weifang City Agricultural Machinery Research Institute of Shandong Province hosted the 2015 agricultural equipment R & D project site to observe the exchange will be held in Dezhou Wangfenglou plain County, Shandong Provincial Agricultural Bureau, Province Agricultural Extension station, the provincial agricultural machinery identification station, Dezhou City Agricultural Bureau, Weifang City Agricultural Bureau, plain County Agricultural Bureau and the principal leaders of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Research Institute expert Liu, Shandong University of Technology Professor Diao attended the event.
To observe the scene in two 5HRH-35 cycle instructions cereals (Francis) dryer is drying sticky corn, plain site user Zhaozhong Feng introduced to the participants the leadership Rui Liang dryer experience and knowledge, leaders and experts in the field on specific issues they were understood in detail.
After the end of the scene to observe, participants in Taoyuan Hotel large conference room for the exchange and discussion. Leaders at all levels and industry experts on the products to observe the issues of concern were discussed professional and made valuable suggestions, plains during the County Committee, Deputy Mayor Liu Hui attended the event and the results of this meeting were made to the full affirmation It said it would fully support the local food purchasing and storage process to promote Rui Liang dryer.